TESTIMONY: Michelle Van Ginkel (Ankeny, Iowa)

Photo of the Jordan River Utah Temple Holiness to the Lord

“My husband and I had the opportunity to attend the Nauvoo temple with my son & his family on May 10, 2014. I have a testimony of temples, and the spirit that dwells within. The love, and kindness of the workers are so special. They are truly the Lord’s servants, and have a divine nature, and heavenly temperance. The temple is a place of peace and inspiration, and a place to reflect upon our covenants that we have made with our Father in Heaven. It’s the only place on earth where you can truly feel safe from all the troubles of the world.”     – Michelle Van Ginkel (Ankeny, IA)

NOTE: The photo pictured above is the Jordan River Utah Temple. I have yet to visit and photograph the Nauvoo Illinois Temple but will add it to my list of LDS temples to photograph.


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