TESTIMONY: Deborah Skelton (Greenwood, Arkansas)

Photo of the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple at dawn

“I love going to the Temple. If I could I would live there. I was sealed to my parents in February. My mom died in 2013. I could hardly wait to be sealed to her. Some of my friends took me to the Temple with them. I was so excited to be there. From the time you enter the Temple I can feel the Holy Spirit of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. The love and peace I feel is like no other I have ever known.

“As the Bible says his train filled the Temple! The glory and majesty of Him is all in and over the Temple and I feel like I am visiting heaven. As I watched the youth do baptisms for my mom and my stepfather, my heart was filled with joy unspeakable and all I could do was cry tears of joy. The Endowment for my mom was the same. I cried all the way through the Endowment. I promise I could feel the spirit of my mom with me watching over me and smiling.

“How wonderful it is to feel the love of Heavenly Father and your mom together. I was my mom when she was sealed to my dad and her parents. I was myself when I was sealed to my parents. My friend stood in for my dad and another for my mom. All through the sealing I cried from such joy and happiness I had never before known.

“I feel I can touch Heaven when I am at the Temple and all the cares of the world leave and the weight of it is gone! I’m not giving up the Temple for anything or anybody! For sure it is the House of the Lord and you are standing on holy ground! I leave this with you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”     – Deborah Skelton (Greenwood, Arkansas)

NOTE: The above photo is of the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple in American Fork, Utah. I have yet to photograph temples in the area where Deborah lives but have added it to my list of areas to visit in the future. 


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