TESTIMONY: Cyndy Carlton (Rochester, New Hampshire)

I had the opportunity to attend a work-related conference in Boston in early October. My mother lives in Rochester, New Hampshire, so I thought we could take a moment to meet up and visit the Boston Massachusetts Temple as soon as my red eye flight from Salt Lake City arrived early one Saturday morning.

Boston Massachusetts Temple at Sunrise


I captured photos in the morning prior to attending the session, and then a few more photos following the session. Since this is the temple closest to where my mom lives, I invited her to share a testimony that I would pair with my photos of the temple. Here is what she sent:

“I got to spend the morning with one of my amazing sons in the Boston Temple. I’m so glad that we are both able to go and share in that sacred experience.

“I’m so happy that the priesthood is alive and well on the earth and that two people in love can go to the temple and be sealed for eternity. If they remain true to their promises, they will never lose each other.

“I love that families are sealed together and can also have eternity. I love my family much more than the bonds of time can hold. I’m grateful to have them forever.”

– Cyndy Carlton (Rochester, New Hampshire)


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