TESTIMONY: Jacquelyn Basker (Euless, Texas)

Photo of the south spire of the Logan Utah Temple with trees

NOTE: The temple pictured above is the Logan Utah Temple.

“I attended the Dallas Temple as a youth for many youth temple trips. I was sealed to my husband at this temple and am now an ordinance worker along with my father here also. It has a special place in my heart. My testimony of temple work as well as my love for my Heavenly Father has grown since becoming an ordinance worker. I have been able to catch myself alone a few times in the celestial room and have felt the love of my Savior so strong.

“I have a testimony that if you commit yourself to doing the Lord’s work, He will do all He can to help rearrange your life so that you can do your calling. I work on Friday evenings, every Friday my schedule has been rearranged so that I have time after work to get ready and arrive early to the temple.

“I am so grateful for the covenants we make in the church and in the temple. I have been so blessed by them and I learn so much by doing the ordinances. Performing these ordinances in the temple is a selfless service you are doing for loved ones that have passed. As a female ordinance worker I have been given priesthood authority to perform them for sisters in the church. I have felt the Spirit so strong and testify to me that these things are what Heavenly Father requires for us to do.

“‘The Lord said, I will in the last days raise up a generation of men, a royal priesthood who will come forth to redeem the dead of Israel as well as the living. This is our work ye Latter-day Saints. Then rise up ye latter-day Saints of God and do the work of God required at your [hands].’  –Brigham Young

“I believe in Heavenly Father. I believe in Jesus Christ. I am filled with gratitude for my Savior who suffered willingly in Gethsemane for me because He could not dare to live without me. He died on the cross on His own free will. He could have had the power to stop it, but didn’t because He accepted the calling to be our Savior. I believe He is alive again. Many people have seen their Savior in the temples of our Lord. We all can have that chance to see Him with our own eyes. What a wonderful day that will be.     – Jacquelyn Basker (Euless, Texas)


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