TESTIMONY: Kira Hale (Port Charlotte, Florida)

Night photo of the St George Utah Temple

“I really love going to the Temple. It is such a wonderful, peaceful place to commune with Heavenly Father, free from the world and its many distractions. When my 3 year old was born, she had a hard time being with anyone but me for more than five minutes. It became difficult to attend the Temple when she was little.

“In the time since she has been born we have added 2 more children to our family. With that and a husband that works a lot, finding the time to go was challenging. After almost 4 years I was able to go again. I love doing initiatories when I go.

“On the first visit back, after not going for so long, the session was so moving and filled with the Spirit. That wonderful feeling continued with me as I entered the Celestial Room. As soon as I walked in I began to cry. The Spirit was warm and welcoming. I truly felt at home. We had 2 daughters that passed away in 2006. Because of the that experience the Sealing Ordinances are all the more special to my family.

“When I am in the Temple I feel closer to my girls and Heavenly Father, than no where else, for just that brief time I am there.”     – Kira Hale (Port Charlotte, Florida)

NOTE: Inside the temple, sealing ordinances are performed that seal families together for eternity. This means that if those who made sacred covenants with the Lord, death cannot permanently separate that family or couple. Learn more about the sealing ordinances and how they link families for eternity. Currently, my library of LDS temples is fairly limited, but I do hope to visit Florida in the coming years to photograph some of the beautiful temples that dot the state of Florida. The above photo is of the St George Utah Temple.


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