TESTIMONY: Daphne Elliott (Euless, Texas)

Photo of lower and main entrance of Bountiful Utah Temple

“I’m a new member. The 1st time I went to The Temple was awesome! I was baptized for someone that was kind of hard for me at first. When I did the work, I had completely forgiven the person & I just felt really warm feelings. So happy when I get to go to The Temple.”     – Daphne Elliott (Euless, Texas)

NOTE: Baptisms for the dead is one of the ordinances performed inside temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You can learn more about baptisms for the dead on LDS.org. Also to note, the photo above is of the Bountiful Utah Temple. I have yet to capture photos of temples in Texas, which is where this contributor is from. However, eventually I hope to make it there and capture photos of the temples in Texas. 


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