TEMPLE: Provo City Center Temple

Silhouette photo of the Angel Moroni atop the Provo City Center Temple

Another LDS temple in Utah that is still under construction will make a second temple in the city of Provo. A few years ago, the historic Provo Tabernacle caught fire and sustained excessive damage throughout. During the following General Conference session, it was announced that the tabernacle would be converted to the Provo City Center Temple.

While making a statewide road trip last May, we stopped and photographed the Provo City Center Temple, which still had scaffolding all over the north and east side of the building, which made a perfect setting for my favorite photo captured of this temple. The Angel Moroni was placed a few months before my initial visit, which helped with the photo as well.

It’s fantastic to see the progress being made, and it’s wonderful the historic building will be preserved and converted into a house of the Lord.

Learn more about the Provo City Center Temple.

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