TEMPLE: Ogden Utah Temple

Photo of the Ogden Utah Temple under construction

The Ogden Utah Temple was originally dedicated in January 1972. For decades it stood tall as a beacon in the city of Ogden, Utah. In April 2011, the Ogden Utah Temple was closed as it began a complete overhaul. Approximately three years later, the temple is set to be rededicated on September 21, 2014.

The Open House for the temple is scheduled from August 1 through September 6 and tickets to the open house will be made available later this month. The tickets are free and simply help with crowd control.

On Saturday, September 20 there will be a cultural celebration as part of the rededication weekend.

Be part of Temples and Testimonies. Submit your testimony to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Learn more about the Ogden Utah Temple and its upcoming open house and dedication.


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