TEMPLE: Boise Idaho Temple

Photo at dawn of the Boise Idaho Temple

Dawn at the Boise Idaho Temple in late July made for an amazing morning. The temple is also significantly different looking than the previous LDS temples I have photographed, which made me think a little harder about which photos I needed to capture to try and highlight the beauty of this House of the Lord.

The Boise Idaho Temple has three dedication dates. It was originally dedicated in May 1984 by then President Gordon B. Hickley. Following an addition to the temple, it was rededicated three years later in May 1987 by Elder James E. Faust. In 2011, it was closed for 15 months and underwent an extensive renovation before being rededicated in November 2012 by President Thomas S. Monson.

This temple was the second temple built in Idaho (following the Twin Falls Idaho Temple). The design of this temple is similar to the Dallas Texas Temple and the Chicago Illinois Temple (which I plan to photograph in November of this year).

Learn more about the Boise Idaho Temple.

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2 thoughts on “TEMPLE: Boise Idaho Temple

    1. Thank you. I am glad you love it. You can email me at carltonaut@gmail.com and let me know what size you have in mind. There is also the option of purchasing a digital file that you can use to print the photo yourself in the size you want. Send me any additional questions you have, and I look forward to hearing from you.

      Jason Carlton


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