TESTIMONY: Jolynn (Montgomery, Alabama)

Photo of south lawn of the Manti Utah Temple

“I believe in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! I believe and know that He answers our prayers. I believe that some unanswered prayers are blessings we didn’t understand until a later time. With all that I am, I know the blessings of living a life worthy of attending the temple, and regularly attending the House of The Lord are bigger blessings than experienced anywhere else on this earth.

“I was raised in the church by convert parents who were not always active. I myself have not ways been active. However, I can tell you that the difference in living a regular life as most people know it, and living a life worthy of temple blessings is the difference between day and night.

“I bear witness that the adversary is very real! And as we strive to do good, he will do everything in his power to destroy us. To destroy our families. To destroy our very lives. If we are faithful and stand strong in our convictions he cannot prevail.

“I am ever so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ as I know it! I love it so much I want everyone I love to know and feel what I know and feel. I’ve come to know that agency is free to all, it is our birthright. And it is not to be tampered with. Be the #CHANGE we wish to see in this world and the blessings will follow. I say this ever so humbly in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!”     – Jolynn (Montgomery, Alabama)

NOTE: When submitting her testimony, Jolynn mentioned that her favorite temple is the Manti Utah Temple, which is the LDS temple picture above.


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