TEMPLE: Payson Utah Temple

Black and white photo of the Payson Utah Temple

I’ve had two opportunities to visit and photograph the Payson Utah Temple while it was under construction. Last October, I visited the temple just days after the Angel Moroni was placed a top the tallest spire. People in hard hats and orange construction vests were everywhere, including on the spires, attached to ropes, cranes and baskets. What an honor that must be to literally build a House of the Lord.

Last May was my second visit to the temple, and on a Friday afternoon there was almost no activity that I could see underway – but it was after 5 pm. But I still love the architecture of this holy house. I actually find it to be one of my favorite temples when it comes to the architecture.

No date has been announced for its completion, open house, or dedication. But once complete, it will be the another House of the Lord in the great state of Utah.

Learn more about the Payson Utah Temple.

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