TESTIMONY: Ashley (West Jordan, Utah)

Photo of the Salt Lake Temple on Temple Square near sunset

“I have loved the Salt Lake Temple since I was a little girl. I knew that I would get married in it someday to a worthy priesthood holder and I had the opportunity of doing just that about a year ago. I love the Temple; the way it smells and feels. There is something extraordinary about it. The Spirit always lingers, even just on the Temple grounds.

“The Temple brings a lot of blessings to my life, including the Spirit of Comfort. I never once have to question my worth when I attend the Temple. God loves me and is there for me. He wants me to have happiness and the Temple does that for me. It brings me more happiness than I could ever imagine. The Temple will help answer questions and bring comfort when you seek it. You are never lost when you can see the Temple.”     – Ashley (West Jordan, Utah) Check out her blog


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