TEMPLE: Portland Oregon Temple Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Beautiful Day at the Portland Oregon Temple

Earlier today I saw a tweet acknowledging the 25th anniversary of the Portland Oregon Temple. The tweet was from Whitney Butters, a writer with the Deseret News; the article she linked to was written by Trent Toone, a journalist with the same news outlet. Since I was passing through Portland a few weeks ago and photographed this magnificent House of the Lord, I figured today would be a great day to share the best photo I captured of this beautiful temple and its lush setting.

The Portland Oregon Temple was dedicated in August 1989 by President Gordon B. Hinckely, who was then first counselor in the First Presidency. The white marble walls and slate roof, surrounded by the lush landscaping and towering pine trees make it a serene and peaceful setting. I was also fortunate that the temple was closed on Monday – the only day I was able to break away to photograph it. Although the temple itself was closed, the temple grounds and visitor’s center were open and accessible for me to get the photos I had envisioned.

I was also blessed to have my 11-year-old son accompany me to the temple, and as we walked back to the car, he told me this was now his favorite temple. Having seen numerous temples while living in Utah, and been exposed to my photos of the LDS temples he hasn’t seen in person, I was surprised that 30 minutes at this temple and his rankings of temples was thrown around. I would have to agree that it couldn’t have been any more beautiful of a day at the Portland Oregon Temple, and I was glad I could enjoy the opportunity with my young son.

Learn more about the Portland Oregon Temple.

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