Open Call for Testimonies

There are two parts to this project: Temples and Testimonies.

My role in the project is to share photos of many of the LDS Temples I am blessed enough to capture. The role of the reader is two fold:

  1. Read the testimonies that others have shared
  2. Take five minutes and share your own testimony

A testimony can be found in the bearing of it, whether it be at the pulpit during fast and testimony meeting, or in a 140-character tweet. A testimony can vary in length, and there is no ‘right’ length for the testimonies that can be shared on Temples and Testimonies.

Here is an open invitation to all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to share your testimony, which will be added to the collection of testimonies on this website and contributed to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days.

Be part of Temples and Testimonies. Submit your testimony to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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